OK so it has been a month since my last blog post and in that time, I have started medical school, survived Fresher’s fortnight, realised that there are so many people smarter than I am and made some lifestyle changes that are probably doing more harm than good.

The first week of Freshers was crazy. I think I went out for six nights out of the first seven and that takes its toll on the body. At the end of the first week I was genuinely wondering to myself how I had survived – the average length of a good night’s sleep was about four hours, and we also have had 9 o’clock lectures pretty much from day one. If you are a non-medic then consider yourselves lucky – most of you will not have full days of lectures in the first week. One of our first lectures was frightening – we had the whole speech on the fact that we were different from other students and that we should always consider what the GMC and the London Evening Standard would think about our actions e.g. stealing a traffic cone (which is a pretty standard thing to do on drunken nights out apparently).

The second week of freshers was a little more mellow for me – there were fewer events on compared to the first week but there was of course still a lot going on. Also, we started proper lectures as opposed to introduction/orientation ones and it all seems overwhelming, especially as some of the lecturers go into crazy detail (I won't mention any names, but good luck with Embryology). Despite this it is still good to go to freshers events that are going on.

I recommend that you try and go to as many events as possible during Freshers – you won’t do Freshers week/fortnight again and it is a great way to get to know people at your university. Also the introductory module at UCL is 4 weeks long and especially in the first couple of weeks, we do a lot of A level recap with some new stuff of course. The point is that you can afford to go out quite a bit so I would take this opportunity to relax and have fun before the really hard stuff kicks in. It also helps you to establish a good balance between work, sports and socialising and this can take some time, so try and form a good balance as early as you can.

Also, if you are a medic then make friends with flatmates as well as coursemates. You will probably hang out with coursemates more as we have so many lectures and events together, especially at the start of university, but make an effort to make friends with flatmates too.

Here are some of the events that RUMS (UCL Medical Student Union) organised for us:

  • Boat Party – a party on a boat while cruising on the Thames.
  • Three-legged pub crawl – a pub crawl where you are tied up to somebody else. 
  • Scrubs Party – a party in scrubs (which are definitely not stolen from the UCH basement).
So as you can see, Fresher's fortnight is an absolutely amazing experience, and it is even better at UCL where there are so many events going on - there are so many London events too, not just in Freshers but even afterwards. Without a doubt, the best Fresher's experience is in London - don't let anybody convince you otherwise! 


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for all these posts, they really help brighten up my day! I'm in Y13 and doing the BMAT Wednesday afternoon :O AHHHH! Keep up posts, they are an inspiration and remind me of where I hope to be next year.


  2. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that your blog posts have been really helpful, I'm on a gap year applying for UCL so hopefully it all goes well. Keep up the good work!


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