Useful Websites

Here is a list of some websites I found very useful during my application to medical school.

The Student Room was a very good website. It contains articles which are very helpful in providing information about the whole application process and which universities to apply for.

Medify is another great website with resources for all parts of the application. Some features require a paid subscription and others are free, but the website is a high quality website with lots of helpful tips.

Unireq is a website which has lots of useful information on admission statistics for different medical schools. They also have a computerised program where you enter your academics and it automatically tells you which medical schools you meet the minimum requirements for.

Medical Interviews was another website which was very useful. Some of the information on the website is very outdated but it provides some good advice on interviews and personal statements. There are also links to some good books. I recommend getting the book for personal statements and the interview book. The UKCAT book of 600 questions is also good, and the BMAT one is OK for some extra practice.

Guardian health is a brilliant website for health news. The articles on there are well written and provide a balanced viewpoint on key issues. The discussions enrich your understanding of the NHS and provide some valuable material which you can discuss at interviews.
I also recommend BBC health news.

There are many more good websites which you can use to help you in the application process. The websites I have mentioned above are some of the best ones, and I highly recommend looking at them.


  1. I checked those web sites, they are really interesting .Thank you.


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